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It’s a #GLORIOUS return for CHIKARA in 15, just in time for King of Trios weekend! This week on the show: I give a recap of the first official LIVE CHIKARAtopia special as CHIKARA presentsContinue reading

CHIKARA in 15: Sixteen Candles

We’re back, CHIKARMY! After a nice little break, it’s time for a new episode of CHIKARA in 15. This week: I run down the cards for the season premiere double shot at the Wrestle Factory,Continue reading

CHIKARA 101 Season 15 Awards

It’s here, it’s finally here! Season 15 has come and gone, and the CHIKARA 101 forums have voted on the best of CHIKARA in the past year. Thanks to everyone who voted! Play inContinue reading