CHIKARA in 15: A Cold Day in CHIKARA

This week on CHIKARA in 15:

  • I go over the Midwest tour results. Did you know El Hijo defeated Blind Rage? You will by the end of this episode!
  • I run down the standings for #COTI15, Grand Championship, and CdP titles (side note: a LOT of people moving up toward title contention);
  • I reveal the winning #CHIKaption;
  • In this week’s feature, I talk about the most recent events surrounding Kevin Condron, AKA Snowflake;
  • And I wrap up with CHIKARA in the Media, highlighting our new CHIKARA Resources page, CHIKARA Welt on YouTube, and Kevin Ford’s CHIKARA Special on WordPress and Tumblr as well as the podcast he does with Justin Houston.
  • Be sure to send me your #CHIKaption entries along with CHIKARA related media at!

CHIKARA in the Media

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