CHIKARA in 15: National Something Something Day

Happy National Pro Wrestling Day, CHIKARMY! This week on CHIKARA in 15:
  • I run down the results for Days of the Phoenix and Five Senses;
  • I go over the card for National Pro Wrestling Day this weekend, featuring the Young Lions Cup XII tournament;
  • I recap the standings on points for the Grand Championship and Los Campeonatos de Parejas;
  • I remind you to send in entries for the #CHIKaption Competition (no, seriously, please send them in!);
  • In this week’s feature, I talk about the history of National Pro Wrestling Day;
  • And in CHIKARA in the Media, I talk about the Indy Mayhem Show covering National Pro Wrestling Day, Steven Sutton’s spoiler-free results, and the CHIKARA Special podcast on PWPonderings.
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CHIKARA in the Media:

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