CHIKARA in 15: Previously on CHIKARA, Part 1

It’s the longest episode since our relaunch, and for good reason! This week on CHIKARA in 15:

  • I run down the results from Reading and the Wrestle Factory;
  • I talk about the upcoming season, including the first three shows already announced;
  • I announce the news for the season finale, as well as a reminder about the upcoming Toys For Tots donation drive;
  • I go over the final standings of #COTI15, and talk about the Dasher’s Dugout situation while revealing what appears to be the finals set for the season finale;
  • I run down the standings for the Grand Championship and Campeonatos de Parejas;
  • I reveal the winner of this week’s #CHIKaption Competition;
  • In this week’s feature, I begin to recap the events of Season 15 (thanks again to Rave of the 101 Forums);
  • And, in CHIKARA in the Media, I briefly talk about photos from Reid Harris Cooper and Michael Langan from this past weekend, the CHIKARA History Project, and the CHIKARA Special on WordPress and Tumblr.

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CHIKARA in the Media:

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