CHIKARA in 15: Sixteen Candles

We’re back, CHIKARMY! After a nice little break, it’s time for a new episode of CHIKARA in 15. This week:
  • I run down the cards for the season premiere double shot at the Wrestle Factory, “Days of the Phoenix” and “Five Senses”;
  • I talk about National Pro Wrestling Day and how you can support the Polaris Project;
  • I run down the standings for the Grand Championship and Campeonatos de Parejas;
  • I let you know about the extension in time for the CHIKaption Competition;
  • In a special weekly feature, I give you an update on my situation, how it impacts this show and Chattin’ With The CHIKARMY going forward, and a quick announcement on new projects;
  • In CHIKARA in the Media, I give a shout out to Steve Sutton’s new spoiler-free results from Seasons 4 and 5, I talk about my appearance on the Indy Mayhem Show, and the latest CHIKARA Special podcast is up featuring special guest Todd Joerchel! Plus, don’t forget to check out complete recaps of every season over at The CHIKARA History Project!
Thanks for all your support, CHIKARMY! Keep an eye out for Chattin’ With The CHIKARMY and the new projects coming soon to the site and our new YouTube channel!
CHIKARA in the Media:

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