CHIKARA in 15: The Condron Conundrum

This week we take a look at a LOT of stuff happening in CHIKARA:

  • I run down the card for each of the Midwest shows, from Minneapolis to Columbus;
  • I talk about King of Trios 2015 Night 2 streaming on CHIKARAtopia (RIGHT NOW if you’re listening on October 20)
  • I talk about Justice is Blind, now available on CHIKARAtopia for streaming or download;
  • I announce the first winner of the #CHIKaption Competition;
  • I run down the standings for #COTI15, the Grand Championship and the Campeonatos de Parejas;
  • In this week’s feature, I take a quick look at the early career of the man we know as Kevin Condron/Snowflake;
  • For CHIKARA in the media, I talk about Josh’s photos and story from the Haverhill show, the latest “Viva CHIKARA” podcast, the CHIKARA Special on Tumblr and WordPress, and a spoiler-free look at Seasons 1-3 brought to us by Steve Sutton.

If you’d like to submit CHIKARA related media, as well as entries for the #CHIKaption Competition, send me an email at or contact me on Twitter @CI15Podcast!

CHIKARA in the Media:

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