CHIKARA in 15: The Relaunch

Happy birthday, CHIKARA in 15! We celebrate the second anniversary of the show with a relaunch after a brief hiatus. On this week’s episode:

  • I go over the Mid-Atlantic shows from last weekend, Justice is Blind and The Marta Complex;
  • I briefly preview the Northeast shows for next weekend, Colony Collapse and The Ocean Walker;
  • I talk about CHIKARAtopia on Roku and the recent flash sale on CHIKARA’s website;
  • I run down the #COTI15, Grand Championship, and Campeonatos de Parejas leaderboards;
  • I talk about Journey into CHIKARA in this week’s feature;
  • I present CHIKARA in the media. This week, it’s photos by Jon McLarty from Norfolk; the Animated IndyKast featuring Ophidian; The CHIKARA Special on Tumblr and WordPress; and the CHIKARA History Project at its new home!

If you’d like to send in CHIKARA media or suggestions for the podcast, email me at! Thanks for joining me on this new journey, and I look forward to presenting you CHIKARA in 15 Minutes or Less!

CHIKARA in the Media:

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