CHIKARA in 15: The Ripest Banana of All

It’s all 9s here at CHIKARA in 15! This week on the show:

  • I give the latest news, from Top Banana already available to download and stream from to Season 16’s THREE months of shows already booked;
  • I run down the standings for the Grand Championship and CdP;
  • I announce the latest winner of the #CHIKaption Competition;
  • In this week’s feature, I go over the results of Top Banana;
  • And in this week’s CHIKARA in the Media: Michael Langan still has a few “We Believe” shirts to sell with proceeds going to Philabundance, and I got to join my friends on the Indy Mayhem Show this past week to talk CHIKARA, this podcast, and more. I even got to join in interviewing Bryce Remsburg, as we talked about the Season Finale, #COTI15, and more!

Make sure you listen to the end of this episode for a special treat đŸ˜‰

Next week is our CI15 season finale before a quick break for the holidays, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the past year in CHIKARA! Send me an email at or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter @CI15Podcast!

CHIKARA in the Media:

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