Season 15 Memories

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  • Chuck Taylor v Trevor Lee (from “Out on a Limb”, solid solid match)
  • “The Gods are mocking us/have betrayed us (something like that)” after the Osirian Portal hit the Osirian Sacrament only to lose to the Dev Corp in a fantastic match.
  • Everything to do with Orange Cassidy, especially ORANGE JUICE MIST
  • The tragedy of Oleg killing Sidney Bakabella
  • The Bakabella family fork and the girl who stole it
  • Unintentionally meeting up with Devastation Corporation at Shake ‘n Steak, eventually buying their meal after Blaster tried to get me to “touch her hair dude”
  • (Personal) Becoming a Dev Corp fan and therefore the best type of fan ever
  • Kondron laying down for Icarus to pin him at “Justice is Blind”
  • The welts forming on Oleg’s chest after battle with Eddie Kingston at “Justice is Blind”
  • Shynron going Shynron and launching himself from the ceiling of the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium
  • Obviously Crown and Court and Princess Kimber Lee
  • Becoming a Heidi Lovelace fan upon first time seeing her wrestle
  • The cool dude behind me at “Justice is Blind” who said, upon seeing Kingston emerge from the back, “is that Sinbad?”

Stephen Sutton:

  • The promotion’s debut UK tour
  • Helping CI15 with my project (Note: Volume 1 available now!)