Season 16 Awards

As voted on by the CHIKARMY at large, here are your Season 16 Awards, brought to you by CHIKARA in 15 and the CHIKARA 101 forums!

Best Technico

  • Princess Kimberlee (Winner)
  • Dasher Hatfield (First Runner Up)
  • Fire Ant (Second Runner Up)

Best Rudo

  • Hallowicked (Winner)
  • Juan Francisco de Coronado (First Runner Up)
  • Frightmare/Max Smashmaster/Mark Angelosetti (Second Runners Up)

Best Tag Team

  • Moustache Mountain (Winner)
  • Los Ice Creams (First Runner Up)
  • The Batiri (Obariyon/Kodama) (Second Runner Up)

Best Trio

  • The Batiri (Winner)
  • Sendai Girls (First Runner Up)
  • The Colony (Silver Ant/Fire Ant/Soldier Ant) (Second Runner Up)

Best Champion

  • Hallowicked (Winner)
  • Princess Kimberlee (First Runner Up)
  • Thunderfrog/Moustache Mountain/Sendai Girls (Second Runners Up)

Best Match

  • Juan Francisco de Coronado vs Zack Sabre Jr – Counting Backwards (Winner)
  • Princess Kimberlee vs Heidi Lovelace – Grand Championship, Secret of the Ooze (First Runner Up)
  • 2016 Torneo Cibernetico – Supremacy (Second Runner Up)

Best Show

  • King of Trios Night 1 (Winner)
  • King of Trios Night 3/Supremacy (First Runners Up)
  • No One’s First, And You’re Next (Second Runner Up)

Funniest Moment

  • Chuck Taylor™ Chop Conga Line (Winner)
  • Drew Gulak and Swamp Monster Fishnet Shenanigans (First Runner Up)
  • Los Ice Creams Shenanigans (Second Runner Up)

Best Newcomer

  • Dez Peloton (Winner)
  • Officer Warren Barksdale (First Runner Up)
  • Wani/Chuck Taylor™ (Second Runners Up)

Most Missed

  • Jervis Cottonbelly/Archibald Peck/Kevin Condron (Winners)
  • Tim Donst (First Runner Up)
  • Crossbones/Gavin Loudspeaker/Gran Akuma (Second Runners Up)

Best Blogger

  • Mike Quackenbush (Winner)
  • Hallowicked (First Runner Up)
  • Chuck Taylor™/Dasher Hatfield (Second Runners Up)

Best Promo

  • Heidi Lovelace (Winner)
  • Vlad Ravinov (First Runner Up)
  • Hallowicked (Second Runner Up)

Best Feud

  • Nazmaldun vs CHIKARA (Winner)
  • Amasis vs Frightmare (First Runner Up)
  • Dasher vs Touchdown/Princess Kimberlee vs Max Smashmaster (Second Runners Up)

Best Guest

  • Zack Sabre Jr (Winner)
  • Cassandra Miyagi/Mickie James (First Runners Up)
  • Supercop Dick Justice/X-Pac/Billy Gunn/Space Monkey (Second Runners Up)

Most Improved

  • Missile Assault Man (Winner)
  • Juan Francisco de Coronado/Hermit Crab (First Runners Up)
  • Lucas Calhoun (Second Runner Up)

Best Event Poster

  • King of Trios weekend (Winner)
  • Secret of the Ooze (First Runner Up)
  • Supremacy/Back In The Habit/Judgment Day/When  Nature Calls (Second Runners Up)

Favorite Moment

  • Sendai Girls winning King of Trios (Winner)
  • The rise/return of Ultramantis Black (First Runner Up)
  • Quack vs Kidd/Quack vs Gulak (Second Runners Up)

Best User of Social Media

  • Chuck Taylor™ (Winner)
  • Kobald (First Runner Up)
  • Mike Quackenbush/Vlad Ravinov (Second Runners Up)

Best Finishing Move

  • Never Wake Up (Winner)
  • Deal Breaker (First Runner Up)
  • Egyptian Destroyer/Colossal Bomb/Coronado Clutch (Second Runners Up)

Lifetime Achievement Award