Season 17 & 18 Moments

Here we have the funniest, most shocking, and overall favorite moments from Season 17 and 18, as told by you the CHIKARMY!

Funniest Moment

  • Los Ice Creams in general
  • Los Ice Creams “Delivery Men” distractions
  • Bike Cops
  • Women in fridges
  • Dodgeball
  • Officer Magnum
  • El Hijo del Ice Cream fakes defecting to the tecnico team during the Aniversario main event
  • Sidney Bakabella: “I’m a worker, brother”
  • Dez Peloton and the moonsault
  • Ice Cream Jr. neutralized by a hair dryer
  • All the antics during the Aniversario 10 Man Tag
  • Chuck Taylor (TM) and Los Ice Creams dancing together
  • Anything involving Chuck Taylor (TM)
  • All of Los Ice Creams vs Dez Peloton (A Good Man Goes to War)
  • Chuck Taylor (TM) serenading Solo Darling
  • Deputy Damian Dunne vs Officer Warren Barksdale
  • “Justin Bieber” almost gets his first point (
  • Shark Sabre Jr.

Most Shocking Moment

  • Reveal of Season 17
  • Johnny Kidd Invitational announced a week ahead of time
  • Los Ice Creams cashing in their Golden Opportunity, defeating the Rumblebees to win Los Campeonatos de Parejas
  • Ophidian revealed as the fake 17
  • Juan Francisco de Coronado winning the Grand Championship
  • Ultramantis Black revealed as Grand Champion at National Pro Wrestling Day 2017
  • Merlok losing to Oceanea and then bowing to her
  • Silver Ant forced to retire after Frightmare rips out his antennae
  • Dr. Nicodemus and his Proteus Wheel debuting
  • Hermit Crab wins the Young Lions Cup
  • Mike Quackenbush attacks Max Smashmaster, ahead of their final encounter
  • Whisper becoming the “superior” Ophidian
  • NRG break up
  • Ophidian loses a Sarcophagus Match

Favorite Moment

  • British Strong Style win King of Trios
  • Ultramantis Black as Grand Champion
  • Juan Francisco de Coronado wins the Grand Championship
  • The ending to Merlok vs Oceanea
  • Los Ice Creams finally win Los Campeonatos de Parejas
  • King of Trios Finals: British Strong Style vs Sendai Girls
  • Ultramantis Black’s final goodbye
  • The Max/Quack brawl from A Good Man Goes to War
  • Hermit Crab wins the Young Lions Cup
  • Gran Akuma returns
  • Oleg snaps on Kobald
  • Solo Darling wins the Infinite Gauntlet
  • The “hot potato” of Young Lions Cup changing hands